For any business or organization supporting tourism, Maine’s largest industry, there is a lot to be gained by joining the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council (KVTC), including a 20% discount on advertising opportunities.*

KVTC is a member-supported 501(c)6 non-profit organization whose purpose is to attract visitors to Maine’s Kennebec Valley—consisting of Kennebec and Somerset County. The work done by the KVTC is funded in many ways, but primarily through an annual grant from the Maine Office of Tourism. This grant is funded by taxes collected from visitors to Maine. Unfortunately, in 2020, funding for the grant was cut by nearly 40% due to the impact of the global pandemic on our state tourism industry.

In addition to the grant, KVTC uses membership fees, advertising sales revenue, and in-kind contributions to provide a required cash match that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the success of the grant program.

As a member of the KVTC, your membership dues work alongside the state tourism grant to promote and expand tourism throughout the Kennebec Valley.


New members are entitled to a two-year membership for $150 and will receive 20% off their ad purchase in the 2021 Explorer Guide.

  • KVTC is the primary voice speaking on behalf of regional tourism businesses and issues in Maine government.
  • Members are entitled to discounts on advertising rates in the annual Explorer Guide.
  • KVTC has access to proprietary research and info used to improve marketing strategies.
  • Member dues help contribute to marketing efforts including web development, marketing emails, the Kennebec Explorer, social media, and advertising.
  • KVTC provides industry network support for marketing your business.
  • Members can shape our plans by joining the board of directors.
  • Free admission to our networking educational workshops with the option to host.

Get involved now and help build our presence in Maine’s largest industry, Join the KVTC! For more information about membership, complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your interest in the KVTC.

Tanya Griffeth
Executive Director
Kennebec Valley Tourism Council

KVTC Membership Request

This KVTC Membership Requests form will be directed to the Executive Director. Member benefits cannot be used until membership is paid in full. All fields are required.

* Member discounts are non-transferable and may be used for purchases made by the KVTC members only. Organizations comprised of dues-paying members are not permitted to offer the ad discount benefit as a member benefit of their organization.