Fishing in your own back yard

Maine’s Kennebec Valley’s world-class fishing tradition began with early “sportsmen” in search of Maine’s native brook trout, bass, and landlocked salmon. Its reputation continues to this day. Because of this, professional (and amateur) bass anglers flock to some of the world’s best lakes, ponds, and rivers found here.

Whether you read the whirls and eddies of a springtime hatch or just dunk some worms with the kids, this is the place. Spring and summer fishers don’t have a monopoly on fishing. Winter brings ice fishing and the thrill of watching a monster emerge from beneath the frozen surface.

There is no bad time to go fishing in Maine’s Kennebec Valley. So make a plan to go your own way—whether Bass, Trout, Ice or Fly fishing you will find it here.

The lakes throughout the region regularly top everyone’s list. In fact, the region hooked three spots on the coveted Bassmaster Magazine Top 100 list. Discover world class fishing on Webber Pond (#17), China Lake (#20), and Great Pond (#21).

Common species include brown trout, native brook trout, smallmouthed bass and the Atlantic or landlocked salmon (salmi salad).

Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offers a Fish Stocking Report. This report provides current information on what waters have been, or are being stocked, and with what species.

world class fishing for native brook trout or inland salmon in maine's kennebec valley
Fly fishing along one of the many tributaries that feed into the Kennebec River.

HIRE a Registered Maine Guide

While generations of anglers keep their favorite spots a secret, if you hire a Registered Maine Guide they will lead you to the best fish hideouts. Maine IF&W also offers information for outfitting your adventure from floatplanes to sporting camps. Check out the region’s ultimate resource for bass fishing at Mid-Maine Bass. This site was created by local anglers to help visiting anglers find the best bass fishing in New England.

With over 250 sq. miles of water, nearly 350 surveyed lakes, and all the tributaries that feed the Kennebec River, you are certain to find memorable fishing in Maine’s Kennebec Valley.

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Other Visitor Resources: Mid-MaineBass Fishing | Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife